Breydon Seright

Jeff Johnston

Throughout my early childhood into high school, I was an avid believer and pursued my faith in absolutely everything that I did. I made some extremely terrible decisions in college, where I studied ministry, that led me down a path that was incredibly tough to find my way out of. In those times of addiction and alcoholism, I lost touch with my faith entirely. I have done a lot of personal work to straighten out my life and am working to build a strong foundation for my wife and me. During the interview process, after the second interview, I told myself, “If God wants you here, then he will make the path happen.” I received an offer not too long after that. Since starting here, I feel different. I’ve never been in an environment where someone has poured this much into me, and genuinely cared for my all-around well-being. I’ve learned to start believing again, and I have received guidance from my Betenbough coworkers. At first, I thought this place was just another job, but it’s much much more than that. I’m incredibly thankful to be where I am today.