Here at Betenbough we desire to look after our employees, in spirit, in soul and in body! We want to see our people well, in all areas of life so that they can live the life that God has called them to!

Health and Wellness

Betenbough's new health and wellness plan is live! You can find info about our dedicated nurse, health insurance and more!

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Blood Draw

Step 1

You will receive and email from from Veritas Admin.  Click on “click here” to set your username and password. If you have not received this email please reach out to the Health and Wellness Team.


Step 2

Your Veritas Wellness account can be used by your spouse and children. When purchasing a blood panel, you will need to do it for each individual with their information.


Step 3

Once you have purchased the blood panel, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know that your order is in Quest’s system. This may take up to 48 hours.


Step 4

Once you receive your confirmation email, you can go to Quest for your blood draw. You will need to fast for 8 hours prior to the blood draw.


Step 5

After your blood draw is complete, you can go the Quest website to setup your account and see if your lab results are in. The results typically take 10-14 days to process.

Step 6

Once you see your lab results in your Quest account, you can set up your lab interpretation consultation with Veritas Wellness by logging into your Veritas Wellness Account. Click on Blood Panel Consultation in the drop-down menu to the right of the page.


Step 7

Scroll down on the Blood Panel page and select a Wellness Navigator to do your consultation with.


Step 8

The consultation will be a one-hour video call with a Veritas Wellness Navigator.  They will explain the results of your labs and provide you with a personalized wellness plan.


Step 9

Follow up with Naomi McClendon, Employee Wellness Guide: to figure out the best way to carry out your wellness plan.

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    For me this was eye opening to be able to sit down and dive into my overall well being according to my blood work and lifestyle. This was the first time a medical professional had ever actually met with me after completing blood work. I always thought I guess no news is good news when I completed it with prior PCP’s. I was very encouraged after we met to see what my body needed and didn’t need. 
    Eddie Huskey
    The coolest thing about this experience so far is the expectation of long-term wellness and improved health. I hope all Betenbough Company employees experience this individualized health and nutrition program that leads to a healthy, better quality of life.
    Darren & Rebecca Browder
    I had always thought I was pretty healthy and did a great job when making my eating choices. However, there were a couple of minor “surprises” that I discovered in my bloodwork that actually ended up giving me something tangible to work on.
    Casey Brewer
    Home Office
    This whole process has provided real hope for sustainable, lifelong changes without the need for medication. We received practical tools to help set up our kids for success too! Zach was a bit skeptical in the beginning, until he realized that the consultations he received (both medical and nutritional) weren’t a one-size-fits-all approach. We received different advice, thus validating the unique approach!
    Liza & Zach Tijerina
    Home Office
    I felt like I was finally equipped with some real knowledge and had a game plan moving forward. I thought that I was going to have to make some major changes, and it was going to be difficult to stay motivated. The clear and detailed plan has been manageable and led to noticeable results within a few weeks. I have changed my diet, daily routine, and mind set.
    Justin Betancur
    Lubbock South

      CaringWire App

      This app is the central location for all health insurance information for employees, spouses, and children enrolled in the Company-sponsored Plan. Through this app, you have three main points of contact. The CaringWire app also has a digital version of your health insurance card, and it allows you to share that with others! Additionally, it includes all your dependent information and tracks your deductible.

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