Andrew Amstutz

Gabriela Wilbanks

I haven’t worked for many companies in my life, but I have worked for a variety. I have worked with Christians, for a Christian owned company, for non-Christian companies, pastoral ministry and non-profit Christian Ministry. I have found Betenbough to be completely unique. When I share with friends and family about what I get to do and the blessings Betenbough gives me it blows me away every time. You have been a blessing to me and my wife, from Christmas bonuses to Betenbough Connect day, to empowering my leaders, Sean and Bryan, to be a blessing to me. It is something hard to put into words. One thing that has stood out to me the most has been faith. I am really good at not worrying about things, but that hasn’t meant that I have great faith. Watching Betenbough operate in that realm, pursing what God has laid on your hearts even if it doesn’t make sense has been inspiring to me and challenging altogether. Seeing God reward that faithfulness has been eye opening.