Health & Wellness

Check out the short videos we've provided that explain important company updates regarding all things Health Assurance! Plus, tune in weekly for "Wednesday Wellness Minutes" with Dr. Ben Edwards.

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Wednesday Wellness Minutes

Food Allergies, Autoimmune Diseases, and Leaky Gut
Stress and Gut Issues
Stress is Taking a Toll on your Gallbladder
Wellness Minute – Movement 2
Wellness Minute – Movement
Get Your Gut in Check
The Goal is Health
You are Divinely Created
Battle of the Mind
Below the Dotted Line
Understanding the Mitochondria
Water Matters
The Power of Thinking
Salt your way to health
Eat More (Healthy) Fat
Fat For Fuel
Standard America
Shut Your Mouth, Save Your Life
Healing Power of the Sun
Acid Reflux
Bacteria and Gut Health Part 2
Bacteria and Gut Health Part 1
Real Salt is Our Friend
Eat Fat to Burn Fat
How to Doctor Up Your Drink
Fight or Flight
We Can’t Have True Health Without Peace
Build Muscle
Get Up and Move
Episode 6 – Hydration Part 2
Episode 5 – Hydration
Episode 4 – Nutrition
Episode 3 – 4 Pillars
Episode 2 – Wednesday Wellness Minutes
Episode 1 – Wednesday Wellness Minutes

Other Videos

How to Make Energy
The Carburetor
The Mitochondria
Wellness Town Hall – Blood Panel
Health Assurance and Team Member Update