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This app is the central location for all health insurance information for employees, spouses, and children enrolled in the Company-sponsored Plan. Through this app, you have three main points of contact. The CaringWire app also has a digital version of your health insurance card, and it allows you to share that with others! Additionally, it includes all your dependent information and tracks your deductible.

Nurse Sam

Sam Smith (MBA, BSN, RN, CCM) with Engaged Health, is our company’s dedicated nurse.

Unless your health need is an emergency, this should be your first step in seeking out treatment or medication for illness or other medical needs.

Sam is a registered nurse, a certified health coach, and she will provide you with the best options for care at the best price.

Sam can be reached via the CaringWire App or by calling 806-200-6684.

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Walmart Health Virtual Care

If you are needing the care of a doctor and/or prescription, this resource is available for free.

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This is a new resource that helps you manage your prescriptions.

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how to Create an account

If you are an employee, this has already been automatically installed on your company-issued cell phone. Required credentials include your work email, the Org Code: BBH, and name. Once you follow the steps and create your account, it will have a space for you to access the Paragon Gateway which contains all your insurance details.


Spouses and children enrolled in the Company-sponsored Plan can download this as well. Required credentials include, name, SSN, email, Group Number (0076), and Member Number (*specific to employee). Once their account has been created through the app, it will then automatically link all the insurance details.

Walmart Health Virtual Care

If you are needing the care of a doctor and/or prescription, this resource is available for free.
Previously known as MeMD



Walmart Health Virtual Care can be accessed directly from the CaringWire app or by calling (855) 636-3669.

You can only use Walmart Health Virtual Care through the CaringWire app; DO NOT download the Walmart Health app.

Your eligibility is through the CaringWire app, not Walmart Health. Walmart Health does not recognize Betenbough coverage, and you will get an error message.

When calling in and needing to provide your insurance information, tell them it is “Betenbough, through CaringWire.”

Set Up

You will need to add ALL family members in once you create you profile

DO NOT put in Insurance Card or Insurance Plan information.

If the app is requesting you scan photos of your insurance cards, please email so we can correct this error.

To ensure you are seen as soon as possible, please call 1.855.636.3669 until we can correct your app access.

Be sure to complete all dependent information in your dependent profile Failure to do so will prohibit them from setting up a visit and give an error message.

For dependents over 18, the email you list in their dependent profile will be the email address they use to create their own CaringWire account.

They will then be able to initiate their own Walmart Health Virtual Care visit through their CaringWire app.

See Step by step


When initiating a visit for child under the age of 18, please be sure a parent or guardian is present during the call. The physicians will not treat the child or complete the visit.

Child information the parent or guardian needs:
DOB Last Name Address

mockup of medtipster on iphone


Have your healthcare and afford it too!

Ask for Generic - Just the same without the name.


Medtipster can be accessed through the CaringWire app or by visiting Just enter your drug name, dosage, and zip code to find your nearest participating pharmacy in your neighborhood.

Utilize your medical ID card when obtaining your prescription.

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Frequently asked questions