ClaimDOC is an open-access coverage plan, meaning there are no out-of-network penalties or restrictions. All claims are processed and paid at an in-network basis, reducing the members’ financial responsibility, while not limiting your healthcare choices. With your help, ClaimDOC will establish a relationship with desired providers in advance of any needed care.


Prior to a healthcare visit, we need your help by asking you to submit a Provider Nomination Form by visiting, and using our company-specific PIN: CD50266. You will then select “Nominate Your Provider” and complete the steps to register yourself and/or desired dependents, as well as the provider and clinic information. See attached document for detailed instructions.


If you forget to add your provider prior to a doctor visit, rest assured that you can still get the care you desire at generally the same price point as you’ve paid at prior visits. The ClaimDOC resources work hard to get you the care you desire at lower price points.

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