People over profit

We care deeply about our people. When you are part of the Betenbough Companies team, you and your family are our priority!

Vision Trips

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Vision Trips

Experiencing their purpose. Sharing our passion.

Vision trips are unique opportunities for team members to experience the work God is doing around the world and to catch the vision for what our ministry partnerships are all about.


Our hope is for team members to go on a vision trip and return home with a renewed sense of purpose in their work. We are able to give generously to ministry partners who are doing Kingdom work all over the world. This generosity is only possible because of our team members dedicated to their roles on the homefront.


We've taken team members all over the world to serve our various ministry partners. Some of our partners are located in: Israel, Honduras, Costa Rica, Mongolia, Brazil, Japan, Belgium, Guatemala, Kenya, Dominican Republic, Poland, London, Belize, Colombia, China, Thailand, and more!


We encourage team members to bring their families or one guest on a vision trip with them.


First trip, Betenbough Companies pays 100 percent of the trip costs, including paid time off, training, and all travel expenses including meals, visa, and shots reimbursement.

Second trip, Betenbough Companies pays 90 percent of the trip costs, including paid time off, training, and all travel expenses including meals, visa, and shots reimbursement.

Third and subsequent trips, Betenbough Companies pays 75 percent of the trip costs, including paid time off, training, and all travel expenses including meals, visa, and shots reimbursement.

Vision Trip Leave

Upon reaching your one-year workiversary, you are given paid time off­ once a year for the full duration of your finalized vision trip. This means you don't have to take any extra time from PTO to go on these trips!

Time off

Take time to rest from your work.

With hard work comes the need to step away and recharge. We want you to be able to take time off in the many different seasons of life.

Paid time off

One to five weeks of PTO accruing annually. (varies per business)

Paid bonus for five-year employment milestones.

30-day paid sabbatical, plus bonus for every ten-year employment milestone.

Paid Parental Leave

Primary caregivers receive up to eight weeks 100 percent paid parental leave following the birth or adoption of a child.

Non-primary caregivers receive up to two weeks 100 percent paid leave.

Foster Care Leave

One week of 100 percent paid leave per fostering event.


Comprehensive Employee Benefits

Our comprehensive employee benefit package starts on day one!


90 percent employer-paid health benefits for employee.

50 percent employer-paid health benefits for employee’s additional dependents.

Generous employer contributions to Health Savings Account (HSA).

Dental & Vision

Minimal-cost dental and vision plans.


Option to elect for Flexible Savings Account.

Life, AD&D, and Long Term Disability

Employer-paid Life, Accidental Death & Dismemberment and Long Term Disability.


Care for the Whole Person

We truly care about the well-being of our team members.

Work/life balance

We prioritize the well-being of our people by implementing a healthy balance between work and life outside of work!

Employee Wellness Guide

Team members have optional access to our very own Employee Wellness Guide and a variety of tools and training opportunities to serve them on their proactive health journeys.

counseling services

We care deeply about the mental health of our team members and have a comprehensive list of company paid counseling resources.

Free drinks & snacks

Our team members stay hydrated and caffeinated with our endless supply of drinks! Kitchens are stocked with yummy grab-n-go healthy snacks and fruit options to fuel their bodies.


Events + Culture Building Opportunities

Throughout the year, we take time to promote our people-first culture by celebrating our team members and connecting with one another through events, jumpstarts and more!

Betenbough Connect Day

Team members will join Betenbough Companies executive leadership for two half-day sessions to learn more about where we've been, where we are, and where we are headed! Enjoy a chance to learn more about our culture and core values.

Yearly Family Retreat

Family Retreat is a yearly all-company meeting where we encourage team members to invite their families for a weekend away filled with fellowship and fun!

Yearly Men's/Women's Events

From rifle competitions to spa services, our yearly men's and women's events are a fun time for connection and relationship-building where we enjoy delicious food and generous event giveaways and swag! This time is both for team members and spouses.

Quarterly Rally

Rally is an all-company gathering that allows us to connect and build relationships with teammates from all regions, celebrate one another, and hear exciting updates from the Betenbough Companies board.

Service Projects

We are passionate about our communities, and we value taking time out of the workday to serve in team settings!

Recurring Team Town Halls

Town halls promote open communication, feedback and transparency between leaders and team members.

Awards & Celebrations

Culture Champs and MVPs are frequently awarded to team members who are actively displaying one of our core values.

Friday Lunches

Enjoy a delicious catered lunch every Friday -- on us! We also have family lunches once a month, where we encourage our team members to bring their whole family!

Team Jumpstarts

Whether we're focused on motivation, team-building or spiritual growth, we prioritize coming together to get a "jumpstart" on the week ahead!

Employee stock ownership plan

We are 100% employee owned!

Hard work is rewarded in more ways than one. Betenbough Companies offers an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) to each team member.

100% Employee Owned

We are a 100 percent employee-owned company, allowing not only the benefit to the employees but we are also exempt from corporate federal taxes, which in turn benefits our employee owners! This is a retirement program that allows each team member to feel the fruit of their efforts and financial success.

How it Works

The company purchases shares for our employees! There is no match that our team members must contribute to in order to receive this benefit. All employees earn a percentage of their W-2 that goes directly to purchasing shares. No risk, all reward!

As the company's value increases, so will the value of the shares our employee owns!

Benefits listed above vary per business and are subject to change.